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Advanced Bookings on Rides

Regardless of when you intend to make the journey, the Zira24/7 app allows you to request for a ride to and from any part of your city. Simply log on to the application and feed into information regarding your pick up and drop of points along withthe time and date of your journey, and the Zira24/7 app makes sure that youhave a ride ready for you!

Affordable and Cashless Services

Zira24/7 offers the mostaffordable transportation services in the market. Furthermore, you needn’tworry about bringing along cash ever again. Since your credit card details areprovided to us at the time of singing up, the payment to drivers is processedcomprehensively through the app.

Safe and Friendly

Our drivers are friendlyneighborhood community members just like you. Some of our drivers are studentslooking for some extra money, engineers, baristas and even firefighters. All inall, you are assured that the people that take you around town are thefriendliest people within your community.

24/7Customer Care Service

Our 24/7customer service is truly what sets up apart! With friendly back-office teammembers always waiting to be of assistance, our passengers as well as ourdrivers are able to enjoy the convenience of consistent access to Zira24/7regardless of the time of the day.